Words that are thrown around without much thought eventually begin to lose their true meaning or become less effective when over-used. “Health” is quickly becoming a vague term and although it is a trending hot topic, many people don’t really understand what it means. Of course you know that someone is unhealthy if they have a disease, injury or are incredibly overweight. But are people who are none of these things automatically considered healthy? What does it really mean to be healthy? Healthy is a relative term and it becomes a tricky issue to identify when everyone has their own idea about it. Although it is defined as “possessing or enjoying good health or a sound and vigorous mentality” this could have a different meaning to every individual on earth. The truth is that what you believe to be healthy is not what your best friend might think it means, as it is personal to everyone. The overall condition of how someone or something is may be its health, but there are still so many subcategories that make it almost impossible to explain.Overall health pertains to a number of different factors including fitness levels, nutrition, body fat percentage, a positive mental state, a peaceful soul, low stress, and on and on. Although everyone has to define health in their own terms a few factors do relate to good health in everyone:

Well functioning organs

– Base level of functional fitness

– A diet that consists of nutritious, whole foods.

The lines become blurred when someone has good overall health, but may have certain issues that are less than ideal for example high blood pressure or poor dental health. For every person, you could examine endless aspects of health and critique them until you find them to be healthy or unhealthy.What it comes down to is making sure that you are in overall good condition, are not practicing lifestyle habits that could shorten your life, take part in regular exercise and eat mostly nutritious and whole foods. Health is the greatest wealth in this life so you should invest your time in making sure you are both mentally and physically healthy- whatever that means to you.